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    Last updated on 21 October 2017, 04:19AM.

    I'm playing Minetest in singleplayer and also online in a few servers. I'm also (slowly) translating Minetest stuffs to Malay. The stuffs I'm translating includes Minetest mods that supports intllib, and others. Plus, I'm in process of making certain mods.

    Currently, I do everything on a phone including playing Minetest with the help of external keyboard and mouse, this is because my laptop was dead. What's worse is the 4G LTE internet I'm using is not that cheap, I had to skip dinner sometimes in addition to never eat breakfast so I could use part of my study loan's money for internet, as the campus don't even provide WiFi.

    You could help me to gain enough money to repair laptop, and to continue translations by paying enough money for internet, by supporting me on Patreon. Plus, I would be able to create videos if my laptop is repaired, and upload them to my YouTube channel.

    I'm working temporarily in the gap between the end of Diploma semester and the start of Bachelor semester and I hope I could have enough money from this job to repair my laptop in time before Bachelor semester starts. This means, I'm playing less on Minetest as my work is 10 hours per day (+1 hour for transport). This temporary job is ending this August and I'll be able to play Minetest normally starting September 2017.

    I'm now taking Bachelor in Computer Science and the coursework has been unexpectedly heavy, plus I get to university in Shah Alam which is near to Kuala Lumpur which has everything. Literally everything! I could go to events and cinemas that I've had problems going to before. This means I'll need to balance not only between coursework and Minetest, but also the temptation to enjoy myself in Kuala Lumpur. They even have sushi house (related to Japan), secret garden (related to Korea), DW English TV (Deutsche Welle - related to Germany) and more.

    Even though I'm in another branch of university taking whole new level of courses, I still had to use the same mobile data for internet even though they did provide WiFi this time. This is because their WiFi has blocked literally all ports, I can't even use VPN services on the WiFi, it won't work.

    Anyway, I've already started recording in some Minetest servers and I'll edit and publish them soon. Stay tuned on my YouTube channel.

    I am currently playing as muhdnurhidayat in the following servers:
  1. IFS (IhrFussel's Server) - as a moderator - Forum | Server Overview | Reduce Lags
  2. FREE PIZZA SERVER!! - Forum | Website
  3. Cash's World - Forum
  4. Liberty Land - Forum | Server Map | Video
  5. VanessaE's Basic-plus Server - Forum | IRC | Server Map | Video
  6. Dark Lands Survival - Website
  7. Xanadu - Forum | Server Map | Video
  8. HOMETOWN - Minetest Forum
  9. skyblock server - Forum (R.I.P :/)
  10. Linuxworks Next Generation - Forum | German Website
    Current Malay translation status:
  1. Minetest : 100%
  2. Minetest Mod: Game Internationalization : 100%
  3. Minetest Mod: Android Manager : 100%
  4. Minetest Mod: Lapis Lazuli : 100%
  5. Minetest Mod: Storage Drawers : 100%
  6. Minetest Mod: Hopper : 100%
  7. Minetest Mod: Jukebox : 100%
  8. Minetest Wiki: check the recent translation list here.

My time zone is Malaysia Standard Time (MYT) at UTC+8 / GMT+8,
Languages I know and I use: Malay, Mandarin, English, Japanese.
Malay translation is in Minetest 0.4.16!! :D
I'm female, use proper pronoun.
I'm now on Twitter! Follow me @mnh48com.

Want to go offtopic but afraid of getting post deleted or profile banned? Worry not on Minetest Offtopic! Do whatever offtopic you want over there!


All of this over a 16x16 representation of a cartoon cat ?!?! what has this world come to... -- TenPlus1