Malay translator

This is the GitHub userpage of MuhdNurHidayat, also known as MNH48 elsewhere.

I’m a translator, usually translating English/Chinese/Japanese to Malay, also do Malay to English/Chinese/Japanese translations if needed. I don’t usually translate English to/from Chinese/Japanese because it’s not as straighforward as Malay to/from Chinese/Japanese due to culture differences between Asian languages and European languages (English came from UK) but I could try to translate upon request.

I’m working on a self-hosted website to showcast my translation works at so you could see more details on how I do translations when that website is published.

I’m also the main translator of Malay in Minetest, an open-source voxel game engine. I’m making mods for the engine too, but most of them are not published on GitHub (yet). Do check Minetest out if you have some time and join the community!